GPP7 has a list of Faculty in different Stream as given …




SL# Name of Faculty Members Designation Branch / Subject Qualification Mobile No. Email id
Regular Faculty
1 Dr. Shree Bhagwan Singh Principal Electrical Engg. M. Tech, Ph.D. 9473031684 [email protected]
2 Dr. Ram Nath Chaudhary Lecturer (Senior Scale) Humanities (Economics) PhD 9431073867 [email protected]
3 Shri Rabindra Kumar Lecturer (Selection Grade) Electrical Engg. M.Sc. Engg 9934950421 [email protected]
4 Dr. Vinay Kumar Lecturer (Selection Grade) Humanities (English) Ph. D 9473382868 [email protected]
5 Dr. Anand Krishna Lecturer (Senior Scale) Textile Engg. Ph. D. 9430956725 [email protected]
6 Dr. Vijay Kumar Lecturer (Selection Grade) Mathematics Ph. D. 9430603684 [email protected]
7 Shri Arbind Kumar Lecturer (Senior Scale) Civil Engg. BE (Civil) 9472007528 [email protected]
8 Dr. Rakesh Ranjan Lecturer (Senior Scale)  Physics M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D. 9431457212 [email protected]
9 Mrs. Purbasha Ghosh  Lecturer (Senior Scale) Electrical Engg.  B.Sc. (Engg.) 9973622676 [email protected]
10 Shri Brajendra Kumar Lecturer (Senior Scale) Chemical Engg. M. Tech. 9905640231 [email protected]
11 Shri Pawan Kumar Lecturer (Senior Scale) Electrical Engg. M. Tech. 9431649583 [email protected]
12 Shri Surya Nath Choudhry Lecturer Textile Engg. M. Tech. 9386795849 [email protected]
13 Shri Abhay Kumar Lecturer Ceramics Engg. B. Tech 9937506336 [email protected]
14 Afroz Afzal Lecturer Textile Engg. M. Tech 7046701604 [email protected]
15 Shri Chandan Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 7557769242 [email protected]
16 Md. Irfan Ayubi Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 9870805620 [email protected]
17 Shri Jitendra Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 9693169413 [email protected]
18 Mrs. Anjali Singh Lecturer Electrical Engineering M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing) 8271694168 [email protected]
19 Ms. Smita Lecturer Mathematics M.Sc., Ph.D 8271392592 [email protected]
20 Ms. Vidya Lecturer Electrical Engineering B.Tech 7503868741 [email protected]
21 Shri Sunny Raj Lecturer Civil Engineering B.Tech 9065795955 [email protected]
22 Ms. Akriti Singh Lecturer Electronics Engineering B.Tech 9431474322 [email protected]
23  Shri Nikhil Patel Lecturer Mechanical Engineering M.Tech 9457161864 [email protected]
24  Shri Chandra Prakash Lecturer Electronics Engineering M.Tech 7002397889 [email protected]
25 Shri Saurav Suman Lecturer Civil Engineering  B.Tech 9871189405 [email protected]
26 Ms. Amrita Kumari Lecturer Civil Engineering  B.Tech 9142438051 [email protected]
27 Ms. Kumari Anjali Lecturer Civil Engineering  M. Tech  8961355806  [email protected]
28 Mrs. Neha Rani Lecturer Computer Science Engineering  M. Tech 9973530317 [email protected]
29 Mrs. Arti Sinha Lecturer  Computer Science Engineering  B.Tech 6202455990 [email protected]
30 Ms. Puja Kumari Lecturer  Computer Science Engineering  B.Tech 9472988400 [email protected]
31 Ms. Sonal Kumari Lecturer  Computer Science Engineering  M.Tech 8800956419 [email protected]
32 Ms. Simmi Choudhary Lecturer Electronics Engineering  M.Tech 6206345400 [email protected]
33 Mr. Ajay Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engineering  B.Tech 9135043463 [email protected]
34 Mr. Prashant Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engineering  B.Tech 8210208961 [email protected]
35 Mr. Jayram Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engineering  B.Tech 9741915475 [email protected]
36 Dr. Anand Prakash Tiwary HoD Mechanical Engineering  Ph.D 9620689530 [email protected]
37 Mr. Beer Bahadur Singh  Lecturer Printing Technology  B.Tech 9810565464 [email protected]
38 Mr. Shrishty Kumari Lecturer Printing Technology  B.E 8620924659 [email protected]
Contractual Faculty 
1 Shri Ripunjay Lecturer  Civil Engineering B.E 9546385035 [email protected]
2 Shri Mithlesh Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B.Tech 9471860604 [email protected]
3 Shri Durgesh Kumar Prasad Lecturer Mechanical Engg. M.Tech 9835663027 [email protected]
4 Dr. Vikash Kumar Raju Lecturer  Mathematics Ph.D 9334084182 [email protected]
5 Dr. Baby Sarika Lecturer  Chemistry Ph.D 9431495063 [email protected]
6  Dr. Sunita Kumari Lecturer (On Deputation) Humanities (Economics) Ph.D 9431699479 [email protected]
Guest Faculty
1 Shri R. P. Sinha Lecturer Ceramics Engg. UG, PG (Diploma) 9473451077 [email protected]
2 Shri Prabhakar Azad Lecturer Computer Science & Engg M.Tech 7903851693 [email protected]
3 Shri Priya Ranjan Lecturer Civil Engg. M.Tech 9835945023 [email protected]
4 Miss Shivangi Lecturer Computer Science & Engg M.Tech 7029137892 [email protected]
5 Dr. Raj Kumar Lecturer Computer Science & Engg Ph.D 9701094181 [email protected]
6 Shri Chandra Shekhar Kumar Lecturer Computer Science & Engg M.Tech 9325288828 [email protected]