GPP7 has a list of Faculty in different Stream as given ..

SL# Name of Faculty Members Designation Branch / Subject Qualification Mobile No.
Regular Faculty
1 Dr. Shree Bhagwan Singh Principal Electrical Engg. M. Tech, Ph.D. 9473031684
2 Shri  Shailesh Bihari Pandey Lecturer (Selection Grade) Mechanical Engg. B. E. 9430515038
3 Dr. Anand Krishna Lecturer (Senior Scale) Textile Engg. Ph. D. 9430956725
4 Dr. Rakesh Ranjan Lecturer (Senior Scale)  Physics M.Sc (Physics), Ph.D. 9431457212
5 Mrs. Purbasha Ghosh  Lecturer (Senior Scale) Electrical Engg.  B.Sc. (Engg.) 9973622676
6 Shri Surya Nath Choudhry Lecturer Textile Engg. M. Tech. 9386795849
7 Shri Abhay Kumar Lecturer Ceramics Engg. B. Tech 9937506336
8 Shri Afroz Afzal Lecturer Textile Engg. M. Tech 7046701604
9 Shri Chandan Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 7557769242
10 Md. Irfan Ayubi Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 9870805620
11 Shri Jitendra Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B. Tech 9693169413
12 Mrs. Anjali Singh Lecturer Electrical Engineering M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing) 8271694168
13 Ms. Smita Lecturer Mathematics M.Sc., Ph.D (Pursuing) 8271392592
14 Ms. Vidya Lecturer Electrical Engineering B.Tech 7503868741
15 Shri Sunny Raj Lecturer Civil Engineering B.Tech 9065795955
16 Ms. Jayanti Prabha Bharti Lecturer Civil Engineering M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing) 9711303992
17 Shri Rajkishor Lecturer Civil Engineering M.Tech 8210878137
18 Ms. Akriti Singh Lecturer Electronics Engineering B.Tech 9431474322
Contractual Faculty 
1 Shri Ripunjay Lecturer  Civil Engineering B.E
2 Shri Mithilesh Kumar Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B.Tech
3 Shri Durgesh Lecturer Mechanical Engg. B.Tech
4 Dr. Vikash Kumar Raju Lecturer  Mathematics Ph.D
5 Sardar Tarlok Singh Lecturer  Electronics B.Sc. Engg.
Guest Faculty
1 Shri Neeraj Kumar Lecturer Computer Science B.Tech 7677585340
2 Shri Krishna Kant Lecturer Computer Science B.Tech. 7667176374
3 Shri Divakar Kumar Lecturer Electronics Engg. M.E, B.Tech 9386218857
4 Shri Sagar Shekhar Lecturer Civil Engg. M.Tech, B.E 6200144401
5 Shri Priya Ranjan Lecturer Civil Engg. M.Tech 9835945023
6 Sharique Ahamed Lecturer Computer Science M.Tech 6205505025
7 Shri P. Upadhyay Lecturer Printing Technology 7903614877
8 Shri Prakash Chandra Arya Lecturer Physics M.Sc. (Physics) 9135234242
9 Shri Rajnikant Verma Lecturer Civil Engg. M.T ech 8527664346